Even with the sharpest tooling there’s always a need for prefinish sanding. Tungsten & Tool supply a large range of heavy duty premium sanding systems for straight and profile sanding of all substrates.

Straight Sanding

Centrifugal Expansion Wheels are available in a huge range of diameters and lengths, with a bore for use on sanding machines or with an arbor for CNC equipment.

They have a metal central core with a special flexible synthetic material that is particularly designed for centrifugal expansion. This material gives a cushioning effect in operation.

Pneumatic Rollers have the advantage of being able to adjust the hardness of the roller using a simple screw mechanism.

Large Diameter Aluminium discs – up to 400mm are used for sanding large Flat surfaces. These discs are equipped with a selection of pads to match individual requirements.

Profile Sanding

PROFILEV is a very cost effective, high speed CNC profile sanding system. It consists of a disposable abrasive element that is configured to digitally match the cutter knife used to produce the timber profile. This profile match is essential for effective profile sanding.

Multibrush Sanding

This is a fully-customised sanding system. It consists of a series of low-cost, custom-designed replaceable abrasive elements supported by brushes of different compositions and types, all matched to your individual requirements. Available with shaft for CNC or with bore for use on spindle moulder type machines.


These brushes are custom designed with various metal filaments to impart a brushed or rusticated finish to solid wood. Available with bore or shaft mount.

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