Aluminium Boring Tools

How they’re used

  • Specific tooling for joiners, cabinetmakers, shop-fitters.

  • For boring melamine, veneers, solid wood, and plywood.

Features & benefits

  • The PTFE coating provides a slick, non-stick surface which prevents the drill from clogging up.

  • The Tungsten tip is European-made and long-lasting.

  • Our high-performance range is perfect when you need to drill faster and cleaner for longer.

  • Our own premium Konig brand.

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(Pack 10) Long Series Coated Jobber Drills - Metric

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Long Series Coated Jobber Drills - Metric Code Description Diameter (mm) Overall Length Flute Length...

Holesaw Premium A1 Arbors - Hex Shank

From $20.62

Holesaw Arbors - Hex ShankHolesaw Arbors - Hex Shank


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