Aluminium Countersink Tools

How they’re used

  • Specific tooling for joiners, cabinetmakers, shop-fitters, and aluminum joiners.

  • For drilling and countersinking melamine, veneers, solid wood, plywood, and aluminum.

Features & benefits

  • Have custom tools made to your drawings or specs.

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HSS Cross Hole Countersinks

From $70.56

HSS CountersinksHSS Countersinks HSS Countersinks with through holes for use in aluminium and steel. 82...

HSS Multi-Step Drills

From $94.50

HSS Multi-Step DrillsHSS Multi Step Drills

Three Flute HSSE Countersinks

From $29.77

Three Flute HSSE Countersinks Three Flute HSSE Countersinks For drilling in aluminium and plastics. 90...


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