Aluminium Drilling & Boring

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HSS Jobber Drills - Metric

From $36.40

HSS Jobber DrillsHSS Jobber Drills For clean drilling. Suitable for Solid Wood, Wood Composites, Steel...

Square Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits

From $44.60

Square Thunderzone Screwdriver BitsSquare Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits Smart Head Design Greater Magnetism and Optimum Hardness...

Pozi Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits Pozi

From $27.30

Pozi Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits PoziPozi Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits Pozi

Philips Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits Philips

From $41.20

Philips Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits PhilipsPhilips Thunderzone Screwdriver Bits Philips

HSS Cross Hole Countersinks

From $81.20

HSS Countersinks HSS with cobalt Countersinks with through holes for use in aluminium and steel....

Long Series Coated Jobber Drills - Metric

From $14.90

Long Series Coated Jobber Drills - Metric Code Description Diameter (mm) Overall Length Flute Length...

25 Piece HSS Drillset 1mm to 13mm

From $201.35

25 Piece HSS Drillset 1mm to 13mmPart # 25-0760

Twist Drill Adaptors

From $25.83

Twist Drill AdaptorsTwist Drill Adaptors Part # Inside Diameter Shank Diameter Overall Length Shank Length...

HSS Multi-Step Drills

From $110.03

HSS Multi-Step DrillsHSS Multi Step Drills

Industrial Tungsten Tipped Holesaws

From $66.09

Industrial Tungsten Tipped HolesawsIndustrial Tungsten Tipped Holesaws Premium Heavy Duty Tungsten Tipped Holesaws with fixed...