Aluminium Replacement Knife Cutters

How they’re used

  • Specific tooling for joiners, cabinetmakers, shop fitters, sign-makers, display makers, aluminum joiners, marine and furniture manufacturers.

  • An alternative to Tungsten Tipped Router Bits or Solid Tungsten Cutters that allows you to replace the cutting knife easily. This brings significant cost savings because you only replace the knife, not the tool.

Features and benefits

  • Longer lasting performance – the Tungsten Knife is harder than a brazed tungsten tip, so lasts longer.

  • Enjoy faster feed rates and cleaner finishes on profile cutters, due to the shear angles.

  • Have custom profile tools made to your drawings or specs.

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Replaceable Knife Engraving System

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Replaceable Knife Engraving System - 12.7mm shank Code Description 20-55030 Replaceable Knife Engraving System 12.7mm...


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