CNC Tool Holder Systems

For a secure connection between your cutting tool and your machine, cnc tool holders are essential. The tool holder fits into the centre spindle, with clamping into the CNC cutters shank it secures the whole machinery and process. CNC Tool holder systems are actually not only providing secure holding, but also a more accurate concentricity towards the centreline of the spindle.

Workholding fixtures in all varieties

For cnc tool holding, we suggest the use of collets which you will tighten around the tool with a collet nut. Our knowledgeable and friendly team has over 30 years experience in the industry and will be able to find the right tool holding solution for your needs. We know how to get the longest lifespan out of the product and create the best results. We will take our time to make sure you get the perfect solution for your tools and machinery.

We cater an extensive variety of workholding fixtures:

How CNC tool holders are used

  • For use with CNC routers.

  • Precision systems for accurately holding your cutting tool.

Features and benefits of CNC tool holders

  • Ultra precision for greater accuracy and increased tool life.

  • Our own premium Konig brand.

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Precision Collets ER32

From $64.40

Precision Collets ER32Precision Collets ER32 For precision and reliability. For chuck capacity up to 20mm....

Ultra Precision Collets ER32

From $92.00

Ultra Precision Collets ER32Ultra Precision Collets ER32 For extreme precision and reliability. Twice as accurate...

Precision Collets ER40

From $86.40

Precision Collets ER40Precision Collets ER40 For precision and reliability. For chuck capacity up to 25mm....

Ultra Precision Collets 462E

From $103.50

Ultra Precision Collets 462E Ultra Precision Collets 462E For extreme precision and reliability.   Part...

Ultra Precision Collet ER25

From $64.80

Ultra Precision Collet ER25Ultra Precision Collet ER25 For extreme precision and reliability. Twice as accurate...

Collet SLC

From $127.93

Collet SLCCollet SLC Product Code Depth Length Grips 27-44430 10mm 36mm 3mm 27-44434 10mm 36mm...

KONIG Torque Wrenches for Collet nuts

From $431.28

KONIG Torque Wrenches for Collet nuts  Tightening your tool holder incorrectly can have disastrous results!...

Opti-Clamp Tool Changing Device

From $711.90

Opti-Clamp Tool Changing Device. Stop wrestling to change tools and start doing it the fast...

Ultra Precision Collets ER40

From $112.70

Ultra Precision Collets ER40Ultra Precision Collets ER40 For extreme precision and reliability. Twice as accurate...

Precision Collets EOC08

From $98.03

Precision Collets EOC08 Part # Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Length (mm) 27-44094 4...

SuperGrip Toolholder - ISO & HSK Taper

From $782.73

SuperGrip ToolholderSupergrip ToolholderTighter Grip and Higher Accuracy Means: Longer lasting cutters More accurate cutters Finer...

Collet Sleeves (without flat)

From $23.58

Collet Sleeves without flat 127 - 8mm Code Outside Diameter Inside Diameter 27-45100 12.7mm 8mm...

Tornado Suction Nut

From $1,255.48

Tornado Suction Nut Tornado Suction Nut

Stainless Steel Toolholder - ISO & HSK Tapers

From $387.15

Stainless Steel Toolholder Special tool holders produced in stainless steel AISI 420. Needed when working...

Precision Collets EOC12

From $110.88

Precision Collets EOC12Precision Collets EOC12 For precision and reliability. Part # Inside Dia Outside Dia....