Moulder Heads

How they're used

    • Specific tooling for joiners, cabinetmakers, shop-fitters, timber processors.

  • For moulding solid wood and MDF.

Features & benefits

    • Made in Germany & Italy.

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Industrial Grooving Blades

From $190.70

High Performance Industrial Grooving Blades Grooving Blades Brazed tip cutters for good quality grooving Suitable...

Adjustable Grooving Heads

From $558.85

Adjustable Grooving HeadsAdjustable Grooving Heads Steel body heads for creating varied precision slots and grooves....

Industrial Spacer Shims

From $3.62

Always a useful item when stacking various items of tooling together on the spindle. By...

Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set

From $1,359.15

Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set Hard aluminium head...

Adjustable Bevel Head

From $1,474.74

Adjustable Bevel Head Hard aluminium head for precise cuts, accurate bevelling and joining. Suitable for...

Replaceable Knife Rougher / Finisher Spiral Cutter Head

From $1,363.11

Replaceable Knife Spiral Cutter Head - other sizes availableReplaceable Knife Spiral Cutter Head - FINISHER...

Spiral Cutter Heads

From $526.82

Spiral Cutter HeadsSpiral Cutter Heads Hard aluminium head designed for planing and jointing. Suitable for...

Moulder Head for Rebating

From $486.47

Moulder Head for Rebating Moulder Head for Rebating Hard aluminium head with shear cut. Replaceable...

Moulder Head for Safety Profile Knives

From $328.72

Moulder Head for Safety Profile KnivesMoulder Head for Safety Profile Knives Hard aluminium head designed...


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