Saw Blades

Tungsten and Tool provide a wide range of high quality blades. Our knowledgeable staff has many years of industry experience and will help you find the right blade for your machinery, ensuring better results and a longer life of your saw blade. We provide blades for Jigsaws, portable saws and also industrial saw blades. These blades are ideal for cutting timber, plastics, aluminium, solid surfaces, plywood or man-made board.

For unprecedented performance, we provide exclusively Freud saw blades for your machinery. Our team of experts can provide you with more information on this outstanding saw blade solution and how to obtain longer life out of your tools.

If you are unsure of the blade you require or wish to benefit from our over 30 years’ experience in the industry, give our helpful team a call.

How saw blades are used

  • For bench saws, dimension saws, beam saws and wall saws.

  • Specific sawblades for joiners, cabinetmakers, shop-fitters, sign-makers, display makers, aluminum joiners, and boat builders.

Features and benefits of our blades

  • The Tungsten tip is European-made and long-lasting.

  • A larger tip means that you get more sharpens out of your blades.

  • A special coating is non-stick and anti-resin which avoids clogging and extends your tool life.

  • We supply the exclusive Freud brand.

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Multi-Cut Sawblades

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Muti-Cut Sawblades Multi-Cut Sawblades A WHOLE NEW SAWING CONCEPT............... In the big wide world of...


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