Composite Machining Industry


 The composite cutting industry has exacting cutting needs.

We offer face-to-face service to provide the advice, precision and performance you need. We’ll help you get the right tool for the job, even if we have to make it ourselves. Plus we’ll ensure you can rely on high performance, clean shearing action, and extended tool life.

Who we help

We work with the Marine & Aerospace industry as well as manufacturers of Racing, Electronic and Safety Components.

What we do

We supply composite cutters for efficient routing of composite materials – both hand fed and in CNC applications. Our cutters can take on a variety of materials with incredibly accurate results – including fibreglass, phenolics (solid laminates), compact laminates, resins, carbon fibre and fibre reinforced plastics with incredibly accurate results.

We stock a large range of Onsrud composite cutting tools in either cross-hatched or diamond shaped teeth with end mill or drill points.

How you benefit

  • Get the right advice, from face-to-face visits from our expert staff.
  • Use the right tool for the right job.
  • Ensure you get lowest tolerance accuracy.
  • Get longer cutting life from your tools.
  • Where necessary, use custom tools that do exactly what you need, either modified from standard tools or built to your precise specs.


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