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New Zealand’s concrete is a hard aggregate, and it’s hard on tools.

Tools have to be tough, and there’s nothing tougher than diamond.

At four times faster than standard core drills, our unique diamond tooth shape drills are the stand out solution for concrete cutting. With the unique BM segment which has slurry removal slots, our diamond blades last the distance. The special diamond segments are manufactured in England and are specifically designed for New Zealand’s harder aggregate.

Who we help

We provide proven diamond concrete cutters for footpaths, landscaping, roads and more.

What we do

We supply diamond core drills that go the distance and provide value for money. In fact, one of our customers cut over one kilometre without a problem.

How you benefit

  • Drill four times faster than a standard drill due to unique tooth shape.
  • Cut with confidence: on reinforcing, or wet and dry. Our cutters are proven to perform effectively and safely in tough New Zealand conditions.
  • Reorder from a reliable supplier. We’re not one of the industry’s fly-by-nighters. We’ve been in business for 30 years, use a supplier of 50 years, and we make re-ordering easy.


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