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About our customer

With a large commercial job involving asphalt and concrete construction company Jesmond needed equipment that could powerfully cut through these tough materials.

After experiencing procurement issues before turning to us, Jesmond was focused on streamlining their processes and increasing their productivity and output.

Our sharp solution

When it comes to something as tough as concrete, diamond is the answer. We supply diamond core drills and a range of diamond blades specially designed to withstand the abrasive New Zealand aggregate. And a special segment configuration gives the blade the ability to cut through steel reinforcing, while keeping the blade cool and eliminating slurry.

This value for money solution includes everything from 350mm to 510mm blades that are powerful enough to guarantee delivery for big projects. And because our core drills are four times faster than the standard, Jesmond has been able to increase their productivity. The added bonus is time saved on dealing with different supplies by simply and efficiently working with us.



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