Woodworking tools for joinery, kitchen makers and shopfitting


1,500 joineries, 30+ years. That’s a lot of experience.

Over three decades, we’ve seen and learned a lot particularly about the problems joiners and shopfitters run into with their tools.  Whether it be incorrect tool selection or incorrect tool feeds and speeds causing premature blunting, burning, poor finish and tool breakage.

We’re experts at helping avoid these exasperating problems, browse our shop to discover our extensive range of woodworking tools such as cnc machines, boring and drilling tools and hand held router bits.

Who we help

We support joiners, kitchen manufacturers, commercial fitout manufacturers, residential and commercial joinery companies and anyone machining plastics, composites, fiberglass, carbon fibre, phenolics, HPL and aluminium.  In short, we can assist anyone needing woodworking tools or using a saw, router or computerised CNC machine.

What we do

We supply any tools you need for cutting, drilling and boring. We’re your first stop for standard and non-standard tools and equipment such as our exclusive Tornado dust extraction system – a first for New Zealand. We can also make tools to custom profiles.

How you benefit

  • We’ll make sure you get the correct tool for the job based on our 30 years of industry experience.
  • We can generally deliver to you overnight, or you can get prepared and buy your tools in advance.  
  • We solve practical problems, like cutting non-standard diameters or multiple surfaces, such as aluminium, cardboard, honeycomb and melamine.

Gain an edge with market-leading solutions, like our Polaris Cutters for extending tool life and the Tornado dust extraction system to help you cut cleaner, faster and safer. 



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