Plastics Machining Industry

Plastic and Aluminium

If you’re being sold a general purpose plastic cutter, you’re not getting the best tool for your job.

We don’t believe in one size fits all. All-purpose tools lead to more wear and tear and a dull finish. Plastic cutting is exacting work and there are some industries where only the highest precision tooling is accepted.  This includes aircraft repairers, and manufacturers of racing yacht, spas, orthotics, prosthetic limb and medical equipment. That’s why we only supply specialist plastic cutting tools that are right for your job.

Who we help

We work with manufacturers in food processing, medical/healthcare (including orthotics and prosthetics), plastic goods, and engineering, supplying plastic cutting routing tools for materials, signage and displays.

What we do

We supply the tools you need for cutting and engraving acrylics, PVC, polypropylene or any type of plastic.

How you benefit

  • We help you get the right tool for the job, and avoid problems with feed speed.  While laser cutters are becoming popular, we still recommend routers for a sharper, quicker finish.
  • We’ve got the best tools in the business. As a long-term distributor of brands such as Onsrud, we’ll provide a plastic cutting solution that suits your particular needs and specifications.
  • We source specialist and hard-to-find tools, such as diamond tools that will polish your plastic perfectly.
  • We offer fast delivery, generally overnight.


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