Sawmills Case Studies

Juken New Zealand Ltd


About our customer

Providing the very best in engineered and solid wood products from environmentally sustainable forests, Juken has a need for cutting tools that work to beautifully show off their products.

And for the past 10 years we’ve been providing them just that so they can off their clients a diverse range of building solutions.

Our sharp solution

To ensure their tools can handle the impact of working regularly with timber and be tough enough to remove bark from the logs, we designed Juken a debarker tip in a special grade of tungsten carbide that won’t shatter or break.

This special grade is high impact resistant and tough – so it stays sharper for longer. By boosting the performance of the debarker tip, Juken was able to do more with less power, decreasing electricity consumption. Their Tungsten & Tool custom solution also decreased downtime and increased productivity.



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