Safety, Tips and Hints For Hand Held Router Bits and CNC Cutters

  1. Ensure your router bit shank is gripped by the collet for at least 2x its diameter. Do not allow flute run out to enter the colleting area as this reduces the grip and will force dirt into the collet, eventually causing it to run out.

  1. Never ‘overfill’ your collet. No shank should protrude past the back of the collet.

  1. To optimize your cutter’s performance, you must use the correct feeds and speeds. Call Tungsten & Tool; they’re experts in this field.

  1. Did you know that feeding a cutter too slow is the single biggest cause of premature blunting, burning and generally poor finish? Call Tungsten and Tool to obtain the correct parameters for your cutter.

  1. Be careful not to exceed recommended rpm when using large diameter cutters. Many cutters have Max rpm written on the shaft. Optimum speed is normally 15-20% below this. Unsure? Call Tungsten and Tool – we’ll be glad to help.

  1. Keep your cutters, collets and tool holders clean. This is essential for maximum cutter life, best finish, safety and machine life. Tungsten and Tool have all the cleaners, lubricants etc that you need to ensure you’re doing it right. They even have tooling maintenance kits individually tailored to your requirement. Ask today!

  1. Tungsten carbide tools, while they hold their edge well, dull off very quickly once their initial sharp edge is lost. To ensure the maximum cutter life, have it sharpened as soon as it begins to dull. We will probably have to grind ½ as much away to restore the edge.

  1. Whether you’re routing wood, plastics, composites, fiberglass, aluminium, GRP or Carbon Fibre, it’s essential that you select the right bit for the job.

Call Tungsten and Tool- they’re fully qualified to advise you on the safest, best finishing, fastest, quietest and easiest bit to use; whether its Tungsten Carbide, Brazed or Replaceable knife, coated or uncoated, diamond grit, PCD or MCD(diamond tipped)



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