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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
How tight is tight?

How tight is tight?

Yes, tightening your tool holder incorrectly can have disastrous results!

Overtightening (we see a lot of this) causes:

1. Collet distortion – Because the overtightened collet nut and collet is forced to grip extremely tightly at the nose end, they both distort. Overtightening actually reduces the clamping force because it opens up gaps at the back of the collet so that the tool is actually misaligned, causing continuous high frequency vibration, reducing finish quality and increasing noise. This vibration is often enough to mark the shank of the tool.

2. This vibration also puts excessive strain on your tool holder which shortens the useful life of your spindle bearings, your collet, the tool shank and the tool holder itself.

Under tightening means:

1. Tool slippage during cutter operation which is very dangerous and can be expensive.
2. Tool vibration which leads to poor product finish and increased tool wear.


Make it safe, consistent and fool proof as well as having the peace of mind that you know its always correct and use one of our new torque spanners which are preset for your collet type.






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