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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!

High-performance cutting tool specialists.

Every day our team strives to boost your confidence, productivity and results through our exciting service, sharp inside and tailored support. Our reputation extends well beyond product quality and reliability. We're here to ensure you get the right products as well as the best products!


Technical Sales Leader

Finds new solutions. After 25 years in the industry, he seems to be able to find a good solution for what ever our clients throw at him! A huge knowledge of working knowledge of CNC router tooling and tool holding systems, sawblades and their application specifics, cutting lubricants and static tooling for CNC for wood, aluminium, plastics, phenolics, carbon fibre and many other exotic and difficult to cut materials. An avid DIYer, you’ll find creating or improving something new at home.

Operations Manager

The detail guy. Starting in the workshop and progressing through for over 25 years, He understands it all. Managing the ordering, He's brilliant at ensuring every ‘T’ is crossed to make sure there no delays or frustrations and ensure the team has the tools to send you when you need them. Very involved in providing friendly and accurate customer service to all clients. A great walker so in all temperatures, you’ll find him breathing in the fresh air and pacing it out on some new coastline or bushland walk.

Sales & Marketing Team Leader

The customer journey guy. Making it easier for the client seems to be his main motto and after 17 years on the team, hes has a good idea of how to do it. Another one of the ’Expert Advice’ team, He's always busy helping clients or spearheading the online task team to find ways to make us better and easier to partner with. A water bug, you’ll usually find him somewhere close to the coast either swimming or teaching his kids how to!

Despatch & Logistics

Heads our ‘faster delivery team’!! Performance driven and a joy to work with, he does anything humanly possible to ensure that every single order is accurately dispatched on the day it’s ordered. Strives for ‘On time, In full, In spec’ every day. Family is hugely important to him so after hours you’ll find him having a great laugh with them! The darts master!

Workshop Team Leader 

A tools man. He's the accurate, precision guy that ensure top quality sharpening & tool modifications every time. From a job making prosthetic joints and with many years experience, he knows the value of a job done properly! He's the general knowledge king and quiz winner!


Our internal knowledge base. With over 40 years experience in the industry, he definitely has amassed a great base of good, old fashioned knowledge. The original founder of the company along with John, his dad, Mikes able to offer advice on most applications as well as doing what he can to keep the operation running. A ‘wordie’ that’s the crossword master!


The perfectionist. There’s no way around it, everything has to be completed properly – no excuses! Our fastidious account payable team leader, everything’s done tidily and perfectly. After hours you’ll find tending her impressive garden.

System & Data

The typing monarch and data net. The behind the scenes leader that takes ownership of all the small jobs that our busy team can't cope with. An amazing typist, she makes sure nothing is missed and everything is loaded into the systems which drastically helps our customer service team give great service!

Client Relations Specialist

Even when you’re having a bad day, you’ll enjoy speaking with Tahni. Always pleasant and professional, she ensures that our clients are receiving the service they need. A people person that enjoys meeting people during and after work.

Specialist Areas

Do you have a question for us? Our skilled team is here to help!