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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!


With our deep application knowledge and insight into varying challenges of different industries, we help you achieve superior results and maximum efficiency. 

Collet Maintenance

If your collet is not performing your cutter is not ether! Find out how a small investment can make a huge difference and prevent production downtime.

Fired Rated Materials

As you know it's very abrasive and causes a lot of problems when you try to cut this with convention tooling. Diamond tooling is the only way to go! 

Cutting ACM

When you are cutting 2 different materials (aluminium and plastic) at the same time you need our DLC cutter to eliminate all common issues in one hit!

Perfect cutter for Plywood

Designed to give the optimum edge finish of the compressions with faster feed rates. Eliminates furring in soft material and also prevents grain pullout.

Sharpening Express Box

Follow a few easy steps of how to get your tools sharpened today. Premium, speedy and accurate freight free service wherever you are based in New Zealand.

Low Noise Saw Blades

Thanks to the special slots, their form, position and number is possible to reduce vibration and obtain a quite finer cut. Low noise technology makes a difference!

2 Flute VS 3 Flute Compression Cutter

Compression cutters combine both up-cut and down-cut spirals but how many flutes do you need? Predominantly 2 flute for cutting MDF and 3 flute for cutting particleboard.

Konig Green Recycling Initiative

Recycle your old tungsten cutters and earn at the same time! How does it work? Follow 3 steps in today's video. It's simple, easy and freight free service.

Spirals - Up, Down and Compression

What is the difference? Up-cut bits are designed for solid material and down-cut bits work very well in thinner material, A compression bit combines both up-cut and down-cut features.

Matching Feed Speeds & RPM

No matter what material you cutting it is very important to have feed speeds and RPM matched. How critical it is to have these matched up? Watch the video to find out more.

Why use torque spanners

How to use the tool changing device and torque spanners for loading collets, tools, and knives into their toolholders? Learn the right technique & save $$$, time, and frustration along the way.