Steel Fabrication

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Multi-Cut Sawblades

From $74.03

Muti-Cut Sawblades Multi-Cut Sawblades A WHOLE NEW SAWING CONCEPT............... In the big wide world of...

Three Flute HSSE Countersinks

From $36.40

Three Flute HSSE Countersinks Three Flute HSSE Countersinks For drilling in aluminium and plastics. 90...

Tungsten Extra Long Series Endmill

From $130.96

Tungsten Extra Long Series Endmill Code Description Diameter Shank Diameter Flute Length OAL 20-60758 Tungsten...

Industrial Tungsten Tipped Holesaws

From $66.09

Industrial Tungsten Tipped HolesawsIndustrial Tungsten Tipped Holesaws Premium Heavy Duty Tungsten Tipped Holesaws with fixed...

Bi-Metal Holesaws

From $32.20

Bi-Metal HolesawsBi-Metal Holesaws Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaws for clean, fast drilling in Steel and Wood. 35mm...