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A WHOLE NEW SAWING CONCEPT! In the big wide world of manufacturing and construction there is a huge range of modern composite and traditional materials being used.


METAL - Cut a wide range of metal sections and cladding materials. Achieve fast clean cuts without the hot sparks that are generated by abrasive wheels.

ALUMINIUM - Super clean cuts in all aluminium sections. For use in miter saws, and portable tools.

PLASTICS - For excellent results in all rigid plastic sections. For use in miter saws and portable tools.

WOOD - Clean cuts in all wood sections. Gives very clean cuts in laminates and Particleboard/MDF. For use in miter saws and portable tools.

COOLROOM PANEL - Cut the steel cladding and foam substrate in one pass.

WOOD WITH NAILS - Great for reclaimed wood. Note that nails must be well ‘embedded’. Loose and hardened nails cannot be cut.

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