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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
When should I sharpen my blades?

When should I sharpen my blades?

If a saw blade runs 10 hours and has 10% wear, when it is has run twenty hours it will have 30% wear. This obviously depends on the materials, the machine and the saw blade, but it is always true that dulling is not a linear process. The duller a tool is, the faster it gets even duller. In addition, dull saw blades give an inferior finish and are noisier. They are much more likely to lose teeth, increasing repair costs, and much more likely to have shoulders rip off which normally involves blade replacement.

Time to get your blade sharpened?

Sharp blades cut cleaner and more accurately. They cut quietly and are safer to use. With no after work, no dust, no noise hazards, everything suddenly becomes easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. Brand new saw blades are beautifully sharp, but in the course of cutting the carbide tips wear, mostly on their edges. Some of the indicators of a dull blade might be:

1. It is harder to push the wood through the table saw than when the blade was new.
2. The wood tends to "burn" or “smoke" when cutting.
3. The saw cuts re not as clean as when the saw blades were new.


It is a better practice to train your team to watch for the signs of a blade getting blunt and then take it off. This means much less tungsten needs to be ground off by the diamond grinding wheels to restore a brand new sharp edge. This in turn means your blades last longer.

The rule is, never let your blades get blunt. If you can see the cutting edge it has begun to dull. Certain grades of carbide are able to hold their edge longer than others. These blades may not necessarily sound that dull. Once the saw has been turned off and blade has stopped spinning, place the palm of your hand lightly on the top of the teeth – you should feel a pricking sensation. If you don’t, the blade has begun to lose its edge.


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