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15-0254 Aluminium Cutting Lube (Pack of 4x 3.78L Bottles) (LB4600)

From $1,480.92

Economical, light to moderate duty minimum quantity.   Characteristics • Light to Moderate-duty • Vegetable-based, biodegradable...

Adjustable Bevel Head

From $1,474.74

Adjustable Bevel Head Hard aluminium head for precise cuts, accurate bevelling and joining. Suitable for...

Adjustable Grooving Heads

From $558.85

Adjustable Grooving HeadsAdjustable Grooving Heads Steel body heads for creating varied precision slots and grooves....

Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set

From $1,359.15

Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set Adjustable Rounding and Chamfer Head Set Hard aluminium head...

Adjustable Scoring Blades

From $222.43

Industrial Adjustable Scoring BladesAdjustable Scoring Blades ATB tooth with 5° positive cutting angle for use...

Arbor Sleeves/Spacer for assemblies

From $7.28

Arbor Sleeves/Spacer for assemblies Code Description Bore Diameter Diameter Plate Thickness 9-3748 Arbor Sleeve 8...

Arbors to fit Trim Blades

From $285.38

Arbors to fit Trim BladesArbors to fit Trim Blades Designed to hold the carbide tipped...

Auger for Mortise Chisel Sets

From $103.32

Auger for Mortise Chisel SetsAuger for Mortise Chisel Sets

Bearing Retainers

From $15.84

Bearing RetainersBearing Retainers Part # Inside Diameter Outside Diameter 9-2284 6.35 12 9-2292 12.7 18...

Bi-Metal Holesaws

From $32.20

Bi-Metal HolesawsBi-Metal Holesaws Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaws for clean, fast drilling in Steel and Wood. 35mm...

Biscuit Joiner Blades

From $63.30

High Performance Industrial Biscuit Joiner BladesIndustrial Biscuit Joiner Blades Brazed tip blade for making biscuit...

Bore Reducers

From $58.91

Bore Reducers for Moulder HeadsBore Reducers Part # Reduced From Reduced To 13-6036 13-6040 31.75...

Boring Bit Adaptors

From $26.45

M8 Boring Bit Adaptors for flatted shank drills Code Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter (mm)...

Boring Bit Adaptors

From $31.63

M10 Boring Bit Adaptors for flatted shank drills Code Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Daimeter (mm)...

Brad Point Drills

From $20.70

Brad Point Drills Code Diameter Drill Depth Length Shank 22-22300 2 24 49 2 LH...

Brass Collet Cleaning Brushes

From $25.30

Brass Collet Cleaning BrushesBrass Collet Cleaning Brushes. These brass brushes are specifically designed for cleaning...

Centrolock System Knives

From $33.44

Centrolock System KnivesCentrolock System Knives Part # Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) 23-3972 170...

CNC Grooving Blades

From $372.60

CNC Grooving Blades CNC Grooving Blades