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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!

DryUp (formerly DRICOTE/Bladecote) 305ml

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DryUp (305ml), formerly known as Dricote/Bladecote, is a convenient PTFE lubricant spray specially developed for cutting tools such as router bits and sawblades.

This easy-to-use, European-manufactured spray is specially formulated to prevent the formation of resinous blockages and reduce resin build-up, allowing your tools to run cooler and stay sharper for much longer.Ā 

DryUp chemically bonds to the metal microstructure of blades, drills, milling cuttersĀ and router bits, providing inbuilt superior lubrication that can withstand strong pressure and friction during processing.Ā This product is effective on a variety of tooling including HSS, Tungsten, and Diamond. It can extend overall tool life by up to 3 times while more than doubling the time between resharpenings.

DryUp is entirely silicone and petroleum-free. It will not stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes. In addition to reducing cutting friction and heat by 30%, DryUp also helps to increase productivity by reducing downtime for tooling changeovers. This environmentally friendly product does not contain CFCs or any other undesirables, making it a safe and responsible choice for your cutting tool lubrication needs.

Upgrade your cutting performance with DryUp today!

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15-0156 DryUp (formerly DRICOTE/Bladecote) 305ml
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