Gleiten-Lube AL Aluminium Lubricant - Residue Free Version

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Gleiten-Lube AL Residue-Free Aluminium Lubricant.

Gleiten-Lube AL - Low Residue

    • This German product is a non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-volitile oil based lubricant designed specially for machining aluminium.

    • It is the original lubricant supplied with Elumatic, Emmegi & FOM aluminium processing machinery.

  • New Low-Residue version. The low residue version is a light lubricant that evaporates easier which leaves less clean-up for you


  1. Totally non-toxic, non-volatile and non-irritant. This means no horrible fumes or unhealthy side effects.


  1. Its cleaner                    It doesn’t gum up your machine. No sticky, gummy deposits over machines or in fluid lines and nozzles.


  1. Its MQL.                       “Minimum Quantity Lubricant’ means that you use far less product to achieve optimum lubrication – no extra mess and your machine keeps cleaner for longer


  1. Its recommended       This is the original lube that is Original Equipment supplied with CNCs & Saws from the European machine manufacturers



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