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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!

Fine Steep Top Sawblades for Laminated Panels

Individual/Set Individual
No. Pieces 1
Material Tungsten Tipped




  • Steep Top Tooth shape
  • Super size tips
  • Low Noise
  • Silver Ice Coating

Experience unmatched cutting performance with Freud's High Performance Industrial Fine Steep Top Sawblades for Laminated Panels.

Whether you're cutting plywood, laminate, melamine, veneered plywood, double-sided veneers, double-sided laminate/melamine, softwoods, hardwoods, crosscut wood, rip wood, or melamine coated panels, Freud has got you covered. This blade is perfect for sizing bilaminated panels with a flawless finish on both sides, without the need for a scoring sawblade.

  • Featuring Freud's exclusive blend of TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide, these blades are specifically designed for each cutting application to maximize cutting life and material finish
  • The Hi-Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB) 38-degree tooth design creates precise, chip-free cuts in veneer plywood and melamine coated panels
  • Freud's proprietary Silver I.C.E. Coating™ reduces heat build-up, eliminates rust and corrosion, and maximizes the life of the blade
  • The Anti-Vibration design with thermoplastic Noise Cancelling reeds eliminate movement and further reduces vibration for precise and flawless cuts
  • The Hi-Tolerance Precision Plate Grinding & Tensioning features a laser-cut blade body from 48 Rockwell steel plate, the world's highest-quality steel, that remains flat and true over the lifetime of the blade, ensuring ultimate accuracy in panel sizing applications of melamine and plywood

This blade is perfect for fine mitre cuts and can be used on wallsaws, mitre saws, panel sizing machines, and tablesaws. Whether you're a professional carpenter, woodworker, or DIY enthusiast, Freud's High Performance Industrial Fine Steep Top Sawblades for Laminated Panels are the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional cutting performance, durability, and long-lasting value.

Don't settle for anything less - upgrade your cutting game today with Freud's Fine Steep Top Sawblades.

Part # Dia (mm) Kerf (mm) Teeth
16-0704 160 2.5 48
16-0708 190 2.5 48
16-0712 210 2.5 48
16-0716 220 3.2 64
16-0720 250 3.2 80
16-0724 300 3.2 96
16-0728 350 3.5 108

Coming Soon

16-0704 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 160 x 48T x 20mm
In Stock
Price $343.12
16-0708 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 190 x 48T x 30mm
In Stock
Price $333.02
16-0712 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 210 x 54T x 30mm
In Stock
Price $349.42
16-0716 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 220mm x 64 Teeth
In Stock
Price $381.70
16-0720 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 250mm x 80 Teeth
In Stock
Price $415.30
16-0724 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 300mm x 96 Teeth
In Stock
Price $452.22
16-0728 Fine Steep Top Sawblade 350mm x 108 Teeth
In Stock
Price $543.59


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