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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Chipbreaker Compression Cutter - perfect cutter for cutting plywood

Ever wondered how chipbreaker tooling works?

Chipbreaker tooling is designed to combine both a roughing and a finishing pass into one. This 2 pass operation is especially used when routing thinker solid timber. The first pass with a roughing tool quickly remove the bulk of the material and then the second pass is a lighter pass to trim off the rougher cut and leave a clean finish. The chipbreaker cutters do the 2 jobs, in 1 tool.


Why are they good for cutting plywoods, solid timber & bamboo? 

As a tool rotates and its cutting edge impacts a workpiece, material is sheared off from a part, creating chips.

When that cutting process is interrupted, as is the case with the chipbreaker slots/breaks in the cutting portion of the tool, chips become smaller in length and are thus easier to evacuate, leading to a faster, cooler cutting operation. Inefficient chip evacuation can lead to chip recutting and heat build up.

This chipbreaker slots also help to shear the fibres and prevent grain pullout in products like plywood.

Because the chipbreakers are offset flute-to-flute, a proper, flat surface finish is achieved as each flute cleans up any excess material left behind from previously passed flutes. 

Compression Cutter action

As well as the chipbreaker action, these are compression style tools. This means that at the top of the board, the tools’ cutting action is downcut and at the bottom of the board, its upcut. This helps prevent and chipout both top and bottom of the board.

Click HERE to see the full range of Solid Tungsten Chipbreaker Compression 2 Flute Cutter. 

Perfect cutter for Plywood

Designed to give the optimum edge finish of the compressions with faster feed rates. Eliminates furring in soft material and also prevents grain pullout.

Feed Speed is critical when cutting Plywood

Not only feed speed but also rotation you going around the material. Use our CALCULATOR so you getting your best from the tool every time. 

At Tungsten & Tool, we have the expertise and resources to help you choose the best cutters for your needs, whether you're manufacturing windows and doors, stairs, furniture, signs, shop fit-outs, cabinets, bathrooms and kitchens.

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