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As a world-class supplier of architectural barrier solutions, like balustrades, pool fences, screens and crowd barriers – Unex Systems prides itself on fully compliant, innovative systems backed by engineering excellence.

In 2017, Unex Systems installed a new CNC machine for high-speed machining of aluminium.

We were invited to help extensively throughout setup, providing expert advice on the precise tooling, cutting parameters and other machining strategies to maximise performance for each job.

Unex works with many non-standard extrusions.

This necessitated that we were available onsite and over the phone to provide fast recommendations and guidance based on years of practical experience with the special challenges of machining aluminium at high speeds, irrespective of the aluminium grade and the dimension of the extrusion.

The result? A perfect finish with every cut, every mitre and every joint with no rework time after time after time



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