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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
How to tell when a blade is dull?

How to tell when a blade is dull?

It’s very important to keep your blades sharp. The longer you continue to use a blunt blade the shorter its life becomes.
Once the blade begins to dull, it is time to take it off! You’ll get much better blade life this way simply because we do not have to remove so much to get it sharp again.

Time to get your blade sharpened?
Sharp blades cut cleaner and more accurately. They cut quietly and are safer to use. With no after work, no dust, no noise hazards, everything suddenly becomes easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. Saw blades that are purchased new are all sharp, but in the course of cutting the carbide tips wear, mostly on their edges. Some of the indicators of a dull blade might be:

1. It is harder to push the wood through the table saw than when the blade was new.

2. The wood tends to "burn" or “smoke when cutting.

3. The saw cuts re not as clean as when the saw blades were new.


How is tungsten carbide sharpened on a CNC Sharpening machine?
Carbide can only be sharpened with a diamond-encrusted abrasive tool such as a specialised diamond wheel.
As a rule, a quality sharpening shop who can sharpen your saw blades to the original factory specs would use something like a 5,000 grit specific sharpening grinding wheel mounted on a fully enclosed CNC controlled digital sharpening machine that has jets of pressurised coolant spraying over the grinding process as it sharpens.

Is sharpening worth it?
Inexpensive and often no-name blades are disposable and are very seldom worth sharpening as they are made from inferior materials... but a good quality sharpening shop will be able to tell you very quickly if a blade is worth sharpening or not. Persons in charge of running genuine commercial saw blades like those used in high production factories and by serious tradespeople producing quality products know the value of having their blades professionally sharpened. This is because commercial sawblades are made from higher quality steel, are properly tensioned to run correctly and have much better quality tungsten carbide teeth.

Would you like to give our Fast Sharpening Express service a try?
It's an easy and hassle free way of having your tooling expertly serviced. Here is how it works:

1. We give you a box to put your sharpening in with our address on one side of the lid and yours on the other.
2. You put your sharpening in and give us a call. We organise the couriers for you.
3. Our team sharpen your tools in our workshop (57 Southend Ave, Raumanga, Whangarei)
4. We courier it back to you and you receive sharp, precision ground tools, all freight free (minimum servicing value $100 + GST per pick up, i
f its under $100 worth of sharpening, you’ll pay for the freight one way).

Request your sharpening pick up HERE.

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