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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
New CNC machines delivered to Tungsten and Tool

New CNC machines delivered to Tungsten and Tool

As part of our “Continuous Improvement“ programme, we have heavily invested in fast CNC machinery a few weeks ago. This will mean massively increased capacity for our sharpening and manufacturing division. Faster turnarounds, greater accuracy and more in-house ability mean we can control more of the process which, in turn means that we’ve got your back!


Over 30 years of sharpening experience

Tungsten and Tool sharpening express is an easy, hassle free way of having your tooling expertly serviced. The combination of our 30+ years of sharpening experience and the new fast CNC machines delivered to our premises, you can be assured of a premium job because your tools will be sharpened back to the latest specifications on the up-to-date equipment!


Increase your tool performance even more

All the machinery is currently undergoing an intensive program of cleaning, flushing and recalibration prior to full commissioning. Once commissioned, they will give us increased capacity to go along with our Vollmer CNC saw grinders with 2 Anca multiaxis CNC Tool and Cutter grinders and a 7.5 tonne Carolinas CNC Surface Grinder and more. The best results only come from having the right product for the planned job therefore we know the new machinery will make a big impact on site!


Upgrade to the best services in the market

Exciting and interesting times ahead for us and for our clients due to the access to an expanded range of services! Offering our customers a speedier, even more reliable service with enhanced capability – a major plus for the Cabinet industry, the Aluminium industry, the Plastics and Composites industry all over NZ and the South Pacific.


Moving equipment from place to place was logistically challenging but we've got all machinery in our workshop. Many thanks to Machinery Movers as they took delivery of our machines and Dunamis Haulage. Their hardy teams helped with a day full of demanding jobs. 

Before we can deliver an expanded range of innovative products and services to our customers we need to do a few necessary modifications, cleaning, maintenance and training.

Stay tuned…more information about our new and updated range of services coming soon!


Meantime browse our shop and discover our CNC router cutters, saw blades and hand held router bits selections.



Have a look and see the team in action on the delivery day.

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