Step up to the next level in tool service and sharpening with Tungsten and Tool Ltd

Over the last few months, we have grown and massively increased capacity for our sharpening and manufacturing division. With the new machinery on-site, we are now offering faster turnarounds, greater accuracy and service with enhanced capability. 

We expand our range of tool sharpening services - now machined on identical equipment that the tools were originally manufactured on in Europe, Australia and the USA. So if you cut wood, aluminium, plastic and composites or use diamond tools, we’ve got your back!


Sharpening Express

  • CONSISTENT. All sharpened on our CNC sharpening machinery for consistent, accurate quality every time.
  • EXPRESS. Our sharpening team pride themselves on a fast turnaround. Your tools will be in our factory for 1 day or a maximum of 2 before we despatch them back to you.
  • DELIVERY. Overnight courier delivery to your door.


Why using a CNC Sharpener is beneficial to you?
One of the main advantages of using our sharpening is our heavy machinery. The advantage of weight is simply that of rigidity, accuracy and vibration absorption. Our large Vollmer European manufactured CNC machines weigh over 2000kg each. Their fully enclosed wet grinding means that the tool is not subjected to temperature fluctuations during the sharpening sequences. Dry grinding always causes microscopic surface cracks on the restored cutting edges of the carbide, causing premature edge loss all over again!!

Another major advantage with CNC is that you get a full top and face sharpen every time. Manual sharpening often just grinds either the top or the face – not both. Generally the face is sharpened as it is much easier and quicker to grind. This means that to reinstate the edge, twice as much carbide has to be removed off the face, often reducing the number of available sharpens by as much as 50%!

What does this mean for you?  

  • LONGER LASTING. We have to grind less off to bring up a sharp cutting edge which in turn makes your tools last longer.
  • GREAT FINNISH. The cutting angles are ground perfectly & consistently even which means you’ll get the best finish and life from your tools consistently.
  • NO HEAT DAMAGE. The grinding is fully and evenly pressure-lubricated and cooled which means there will never be any weakening or heat damage to the tool edge or its base.


With Sharpening Express, you can rely on a speedy and accurate service wherever you are based in NZ. At Tungsten and Tool we specialise in sharpen a huge range of tools including:
Circular Sawblades
Router bits
Planer & Thicknesser Blades
Milling Blades
CNC Spiral & Compression Cutters
Bandsaw Blades
Drilling & Boring Tools
PCD Diamond Tooling
Chipper Knives
Granulator Knives
Moulder heads
Stump Grinding tips
Annular Rotabroach Cutters


    We repair your cutting tools like new
    With 4 CNC (Fully computerised) grinding machines in our workshop, just about every industrial cutting tool can be serviced and you can rely on a speedy and accurate service wherever you are based in New Zealand. Tungsten and Tool sharpening express is an easy, hassle free way of having your tooling expertly serviced. Your tools will be sharpened back to the latest specifications on the up-to-date equipment by industry experts. With our service you can be assured of a premium job!



    Ever wondered how we sharpen your spiral cutters so accurately? Watch here!



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