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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!

MDF Cutter Pack

Individual/Set Pack
No. Pieces 6
Material Solid Tungsten
Shank Type Straight
Cut Type Compression
No. of Flutes 2






  • Compression
  • 2 Flute
  • Solid Tungsten
  • Verticle Plunge

Get unparalleled precision and reliability with our best seller MDF cutter pack. A selection of the best, finest and most popular cutters and collets that every professional working with MDF products requires. 

Our comprehensive MDF cutter pack is the ultimate solution for any CNC operators seeking to enhance their performance, achieve superior results, and ensure maximum accuracy & consistency.

This pack includes: 

  • 5x¬†¬†20-52042 TC PRO Range Compression Cutter 2 Flute 9.5 x 22mm cut x 5 mm upcut.¬†
  • 1x¬†27-42104 Ultra Precision Collet ER32 9.52mm

About the Solid Tungsten Pro Range Compression Cutters:

  • deliver unbeatable results for CNC Routers
  • prevent chipping and furring on both sides of the material, making it perfect for double-sided laminates and veneers
  • 2-flute design

About Ultra Precision Collets ER32:

  • ultra precision and reliable performance
  • offer twice the accuracy of standard precision collets, making them ideal for demanding applications
  • great for gripping imperial cutters such as 3/8" (9.52mm) in size

Part # Cut Dia Cut Length OAL Shank Dia Upcut length
20-52042 9.5 22 76 9.5 5

Part # Inside Dia Outside Dia. Clamping Tolerance
27-42104 3/8" 32.8 3/8" (9.52mm)

Q: How do I select the correct upcut length if I am morticing?

A: Generally you would select the shortest upcut length available for that diameter

Q: How I do I select the correct flute number?

A: If your substrate is MDF we recommend using a 2 flute cutter. For other substrates use 3 flute.

Q: Is it really that important that my machining speeds are correct?

A: Incorrect speeds cause all sorts of horrible happenings! Chipping, Overheating and burning and shorter cutter life.

Q: How do I calculate the correct rpms and feed speeds for my cutter?

A: This is important. Please phone us ‚Äď we‚Äôre only too pleased to help or use the calculator

  • ¬†here

  • MDF Cutter Pack
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