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Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!
Get accurate before & after purchase advice from the industry experts!

MDF & Plywood Cutter Pack

Individual/Set Pack
No. Pieces 9
Material Solid Tungsten
Shank Type Straight
Cut Type Compression
No. of Flutes 2






  • Compression
  • 2 Flute
  • Solid Tungsten
  • Verticle Plunge

Get unparalleled precision and reliability with our best seller MDF & Plywood cutter pack. Every professional working with MDF and Plywood products requires a selection of the best, finest and most popular cutters and collets. 

Prevent furring with our comprehensive MDF & Plywood cutter pack. This ultimate solution is ideal for any CNC operators seeking to enhance their performance, achieve superior results, and ensure maximum accuracy & consistency. Invest in the best products available on the market, and take your CNC routing to the next level!

This pack includes: 

  • 5x¬†¬†20-52042 TC PRO Range Compression Cutter 2 Flute 9.5 x 22mm cut x 5 mm upcut
  • 2x 20-52370¬† TC Chipbreaker Compression Cutter 2 Flute 9.5 x 22mm Cut x 4.8mm Upcut
  • 2x¬†27-42104 Ultra Precision Collet ER32 9.52mm

About the Solid Tungsten Pro Range Compression Cutters:

  • deliver unbeatable results for CNC Routers
  • prevent chipping and furring on both sides of the material, making it perfect for double-sided laminates and veneers
  • 2-flute design

About the Solid Tungsten Chipbreaker Compression Cutters:

  • optimised for faster feed rates and superior edge finish
  • prevents furring in soft materials
  • suitable for natural wood, wood composites and plywood
  • a compression-style tool with a downcutting action at the top of the material and an upcutting action at the bottom, preventing chip-out on both sides

About Ultra Precision Collets ER32:

  • ultra precision and reliable performance
  • offer twice the accuracy of standard precision collets, making them ideal for demanding applications
  • great for gripping imperial cutters such as 3/8" (9.52mm) in size

Part # Cut Dia Cut Length OAL Shank Dia Upcut length
20-52042 9.5 22 76 9.5 5

Part # Inside Dia Outside Dia. Clamping Tolerance
27-42104 3/8" 32.8 3/8" (9.52mm)

Part # Cut Dia Cut Length OAL Shank Dia Upcut length
20-52370 9.5 22 75 9.5 4.8

Q: How do I select the correct upcut length if I am morticing?

A: Generally you would select the shortest upcut length available for that diameter

Q: How I do I select the correct flute number?

A: If your substrate is MDF we recommend using a 2 flute cutter. For other substrates use 3 flute.

Q: Is it really that important that my machining speeds are correct?

A: Incorrect speeds cause all sorts of horrible happenings! Chipping, Overheating and burning and shorter cutter life.

Q: How do I calculate the correct rpms and feed speeds for my cutter?

A: This is important. Please phone us ‚Äď we‚Äôre only too pleased to help or use the calculator

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  • MDF & Plywood Cutter Pack
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